We have seen much growth in the soft washing industry!

Jun 13 , 2018


Mark Cave

We have seen much growth in the soft washing industry!

Hello People

Just wanted to touch base with you all as we are well into the seasons of Softwashing.

At SoftWash UK we have seen a much growth in the industry here and I’m sure you guys that have started Softwashing have benefited from the additional stream of income.

SoftWash UK are always looking for new initiatives in the Softwashing industry to bring to our customers and we have some exciting plans for the future. Watch this space!

We have also noticed a large increase of pressure washing companies utilising soft washing techniques to improve the overall finish of cleaning. This has been something we have done at Mr Clever Clean our sister company for some years now and pressure washing / Softwashing really do work well together and should be encouraged in both Softwash and and pressure washing industry.

It has been five years since we introduced the clever injector to the Softwash industry and we still use our original injector that we first purchase 6 years ago. It has never let us down in all these years and has proven to be a very reliable piece of equipment in and soft washing industry that is well none for pumps breaking down and having issues with leaking seals. So if you are looking for reliability and performance in saving chemical and mixing SoftWash then look no further than the clever injector mixing solution for Softwashing. 

To find out more click on the YouTube link below and watch the video.

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