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Sodium Hypochlorite For Soft Washing 14% to 15%

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SoftWash UK Ltd


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Guaranteed FRESH High Quality 

15% Sodium Hypochlorite Per 25L Drum

The Best Quality Fresh Sodium Hypochlorite On The Market

We wont sell anything less!

Please note all EXPORT sales (this includes EU countries and Northern Ireland BT Post codes) must have the following information on our paperwork :

Customer EORI number-               



    Soft Washing With Sodium Hypochlorite

    How To Make Soft Wash Solution

    Example 1

    Here is an example of a batch mix 100L recipe @ 2.14%

    1 part Sodium Hypochlorite to 6 parts water = a total of 7 parts

    Sodium Hypochlorite @ 15% divided by 7 parts gives you 2.14% softwash recipe.

    100L / 7 = 14

    100L - 14 = 86

    So you would need 86L of water and 14L of Sodium Hypochlorite which is 100L in total at a softwash recipe strength of 2.14%

    Example 2

    Here is an example of a batch mix 125L recipe @ 2.5%

    1 part Sodium Hypochlorite to 5 parts water = a total of 6 parts

    Sodium Hypochlorite @ 15% divided by 6 parts gives you 2.5% softwash recipe.

    125L / 6 = 20

    125L - 20 = 105

    So you would need 105L of water and 20L of Sodium Hypochlorite which is 125L in total at a softwash recipe strength of 2.5%























    3 2.5 2 1.6 1.4 1.25 1.1 1  0.6
    20L 10 6 5 4 3.3 2.8 2.5 2.2 2 1.3
    50L 25 16 12.5 10 8.3 7.7 6.25 5.5 5 3.3
    100L 50 33 25 20 16.5 14 12.5 11 10 6.6
    200L 100 66 50 40 33 28.5 25 22 20 13.3


    How To Mix A Soft Wash Solution

    So find the required % recipe you want to work with, then take that figure away from the litres you want to make.


    I want to make 100L of 3% mix

    100L - 20L = 80L

    80L of water + 20L of Sodium Hypochlorite = 100L of 3% softwash recipe.

    If maths is not your thing then dont worry we have an app that you can download on your apple device. You can get it HERE


    Now you can say I've got an app for that!


    Available NOW Click Here To Download

    Softwashing calculator is an indispensable tool for juggling complicated chemical mixes. It helps reduce wastage and keeps operating costs down by giving accurate proportions

    If you are having difficulty getting your head around the maths, trying to work out what percentage of softwash you need, how much chemical, surfactant and water to add, then this is the App for you.

    The Soft Wash Calculator App allows you to work out your soft wash recipe by telling you exactly how much chemical, how much water and how much surfactant to add to get the desired soft wash recipe.
    It doesn't stop there!.
    - It can also remix your leftover softwash to a new stronger or weaker recipe.
    - all controls in one place for see at a glance operation
    - ease of input via pre-loaded dials. no more calculator style typing
    - instantly responds to changes of complex combinations
    - works in both Litres and US Gallons
    - tested for Protan and Deutan colourblind users
    - links to SoftwashingUK website

    Take this scenario
    You started with a 1% soft wash recipe of 50 gal (or litres)  for a deck clean and you’re left with 13 gallons.

    You get a call from a prospective customer to clean their roof. Past experience tells you a 4% soft wash recipe is needed, but what about your leftover mix at 1%?.

    Do you waste time and effort driving back to base to transfer into a standby tank?
    You could consider the 13 gal as just water, top up the tank and start again.  
    But that’s throwing away the value of the mix and raising your overhead.

    Soft Wash Calculator App to the rescue.

    You get to the new job and it requires 100 gal / litres.
    Switch into remix mode , confirming the 13 gal already in the tank
    Move the dials to your new recipe and the app immediately updates the different amounts to add in front of your eyes including the correct amount of extra surfactant.

    You now have a 100 gal / litres tank of 4% soft wash recipe ready for your roof clean job!

    Not forgetting you’ve saved money too, all without stress and uncertainty . Don’t underestimate what confident calmness has on your customer putting out referrals.

    The same applies if you have a 4% recipe left in your tank and you need to dilute it down to 2%. Again the app will tell you how.

    Softwashing calculator will also work for any chemical recipe. For instance you can use it for Sodium Hypochlorite, Bleach, Biocide , TFR traffic film remover and degreaser. Even the mathematically-challenged rocket scientist can top up their booster tanks to new fuel mixes after launch delays caused by changing weather conditions.

    Using this app you will know exactly what chemical strength to put on any surface giving you the confidence and the knowledge of a professional soft washer and you’ll save money as well.

    So if you have little knowledge of how to mix a soft wash recipe then this app is for you.
    If you have little knowledge of how to remix a soft wash recipe then this app is for you.
    If you want to save money when mixing a soft wash recipe then this app is for you.

    This app is also backward compatible to devices running iOS7. We've done this so you can re-purpose an old iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 5  for what could be hazardous work environments. Just toss one in your cleaning van's toolkit.

    Once you learn the methods and procedures of how to apply the soft wash to the different surfaces that need cleaning you’ll be unstoppable!

    The app also has  a guide to what percentage for what surface. And if you are the lucky owner of a Clever Injector it will remind you the correct setting for the job.
    However you should always consider and risk assess what soft wash recipe you need to clean the surface.

    ** A major iOS code-base change may require a re-purchase. The appiverse at the time will confirm our promise that we won't do so unless the necessity is apparent.


    Available NOW

    Please take care when handling this product to avoid spillages on skin and clothes.  Do not use on silk, wool, coloured materials, leather of garments with a special finish.  If you have any doubts please contact your distributor or our technical department.

    Contains sodium hypochlorite solution.
    Typical Product Data
    Appearance: Clear liquid
    Odour: Slightly chlorinated
    Specific Gravity (20oC) Standard 1.080
    Specific Gravity (20oC) Extra strong 1.112
    Colour: Pale yellow/green
    pH – undiluted Standard: 12.0
    pH – diluted 1:100 Standard: 9.6
    pH – undiluted Extra strong: 12.35
    pH – diluted 1:100 Extra strong: 9.9

    Shelf Life Unopened: Not less than 12 months

    Store in original sealed container and protect from extremes of temperature & away from acidic products.


    Please note all EXPORT sales (this includes EU countries and Northern Ireland BT Post codes) must have the following information on our paperwork 

    Customer EORI number-               


    Our Parcel shipping rates are calculated by weight (up to 25kg or one parcel per charge). We deliver to MAINLAND UK Only

    If you live in Southern Ireland, please call for price. Tel: 07594125135

    Please Note: As we sell many Hazardous products, some items may not be safe to ship together. In this event we will contact you to advise.

    Due to the nature of some of our products we use specialised ADR registered couriers.

    All deliveries will require you to observe the following:

    * A signature on receipt will be required, and to assist with delivery we would require a valid telephone number from you for our courier to  arrange suitable delivery slot.

    Our ADR couriers do not provide a tracking number, hence why a booking slot is essential.

    *Most deliveries are made in larger vehicles, so please advise if there would be any obstruction or problems getting goods to you, as a smaller vehicle may have to be requested.

    *In the event of a failed delivery attempt, a re delivery charge will be applied.

    *if our goods are deemed Non Hazardous, we use parcelforce 24. A tracking number will be provided to assist with this delivery.

    Again with Parcelforce, if you provide a mobile number. parcelforce will text you with delivery options.


    UK  (UP TO 25KG) - £10.00

    At present we can ship only Non Hazardous products outside of the UK using Parcelforce Network - Please Call For Price.



    Delivery costs are for UK Only - Please call us for Ireland,  Prices on 07594125135


    Shipping weights displayed on the website will usually cover the actual product and associated packaging for shipping. Many chemicals and products have different Specific Gravity Weights.

    A Valid contact telephone number, is required to assist our couriers with the safe and speedy delivery of your order.

    **Please let us know if you have any requirements to aid with your delivery, e.g. tail lift would be required, or you cannot accept delivery on a particular day.

    **Please Note**All goods require a signature on receipt and re delivery charges may apply if attempted delivery fails.

    If your Order Weighs over 125kg - Up to 800 kg - We will send by pallet at a cost of £60.00.

    If multiple pallets are required - Please contact us for a quote on delivery.

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