Has the bubble burst on the Soft washing industry?

Feb 02 , 2020


Mark Cave

Has the bubble burst on the Soft washing industry?

That is the question that everybody is asking right now. Has the industry started to slow down here in the UK.

Here at SoftWash UK our take on this is as follows.
Over the last few years it is certain to say that the Softwash industry in the UK has grown rather rapidly and followed the same path as the industry in the United States of America. However here at SoftWash UK we have certainly see a slowdown over the last 12 months.
Now the question is this due to Brexit and the uncertainty of people spending money on their home or is it a lack of interest from the cleaning industry in taking this up as a new initiative on their existing cleaning business.
Soft Washing
With all new initiatives to enter the cleaning market there is always a rush which will inflate the demand for the service. Given time and the realisation that soft washing is not paved with gold things start to settle out and you see a true level of the markets potential. This has certainly been the case in this instance where a lot of cleaning contractors believe that Softwashing will replace pressure washing.
I’m afraid to tell you that simply is not the case. We would recommend that soft washing compliments pressure washing and also pressure washing compliments soft washing and the two should work together like ebony and ivory working in perfect harmony.
That’s not to say that you could not make a living on Softwashing alone but the chances are you will be a one man band with no signwriting on your van and looking to earn beer money for the week.
Saying that, we do believe Brexit did slow the covers of most of our customers in the last 12 months if not longer. Fingers crossed we will see an increase on business for the next 12 months as it looks like confidence is high going forward.
You will also find that the market has been inundated with new companies offering amazing chemicals and amazing equipment at unbelievable prices which has to be said is excellent for the consumer as you have a choice that’s greater than when the softwashing first started here in the UK.

But be warned these companies that are coming into the industry generally start to bend the truth and in fact through not knowing exactly how soft washing works they make amazing promises of how their chemical carries on working and their machine is sodium hypochlorite proof et cetera.
Here at SoftWash UK we refer to this as fiction and not fact and we are true believers in giving you all the information so you can make an informed decision on how you want to build on your Softwashing initiatives.
If any company out there in the UK says that you need to spray a softwash first and then after removing the moss spray another softwash then the only reason for this is for you to spend more money on chemical.
Once you have sprayed one application of SoftWash whether that be DDAC or sodium hypochlorite you will have completely killed all the organic matter on the surface that you are treating. The only time that you would use a second or third coat of recipe would be on a roof to give the instant colour change or very stubborn black spots on a flat surface like a patio or driveway. And this would only apply to sodium hypochlorite.
In fact with tests that we did many years ago applying one coat of sodium hypochlorite at 4% to a roof did not really change the colour of the roof on the day but after six months the roof started to behave exactly like as if you had treated the roof with the DDAC and within 12 months the roof was pretty much 100% clean. 

So if you would like to know the facts and not fiction of Softwashing then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We pride ourselves in how we have always been focused on the truth of the Softwashing industry and to guide people in the right direction so they can make an informed decision and operate safely within the industry.
thank you for your interest and we look forward to your contact.
Safe Soft Washing. 

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