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The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Render in the UK 🏡: Tips from Top Manufacturers

By Mark Cave March 12, 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Render in the UK 🏡: Tips from Top Manufacturers

Keeping exterior rendered surfaces in pristine condition is vital for the visual appeal and structural health of buildings across the United Kingdom. This comprehensive guide dives into the best practices for cleaning render, spotlighting recommendations from the UK's leading render manufacturers: K Rend, Monocouch Render, Parex, and Weber. Whether you're battling black stains, algae, or simply seeking to refresh your building's facade, this post covers everything you need to know.

How to clean Render Guide For the UK

Understanding Your Options for Render Cleaning 🛠️

Render cleaning is not a one-size-fits-all task. The approach you choose should be tailored to the specific type of staining your building is experiencing.

Dealing with Black Staining

Superheated Steam Cleaning

For removing persistent black stains, the application of superheated steam using equipment like the DOFF system provides a gentle yet effective solution that leaves the render undamaged.

Softwashing with Sodium Hypochlorite and Clever Wash Surfactant

This method involves creating a solution by diluting 1 part 15% sodium hypochlorite with 3 parts water and adding Clever Wash surfactant according to the manufacturer's guidance. The solution should be applied to the affected area and left to work for around 30 minutes. If black stains persist, a second treatment may be necessary. Afterward, a gentle water rinse is crucial to prevent salt residue, which can encourage moisture and for organic growth.

Render Cleaning Surfactant

Addressing Green and Red Algae

The render affected by green or red algae but not black stains, the same methods for tackling black staining are applicable. Also an alternative approach involves employing a slow clean biocide like Soft Wash Pro 50. This product should be diluted at a rate of 1 part chemical to 25 parts water, then brushed onto the render to ensure deep penetration and create an inhospitable environment for algae.

Render Cleaning Biocide

Morton Procedures for Sodium Hypochlorite Application

When employing sodium hypochlorite:

  • Dilute 15% sodium hypochlorite with 1 part to 3 parts water.
  • Add the appropriate amount of surfactant like Clever Wash.
  • Apply the solution to the render, allowing it to sit for about half an hour.
  • Rinse thoroughly to remove any residual solution and prevent salt residue buildup.

Sodium Hypochlorite For Render Cleaning

Slow Clean Biocides Application

For a more gradual cleaning process using Soft Wash Pro 50:

  • Dilute the biocide at a rate of 1 part chemical to 25 parts water.
  • Brush the solution onto the render for maximum penetration.
  • Allow the solution to remain on the surface without rinsing, providing 2 to 3 years of protection against recolonization.

Best Practices for Safe and Effective Render Cleaning 🚧

  • Always cordon off the work area to ensure public safety.
  • Perform comprehensive risk assessments and create detailed method statements.
  • Utilize appropriate personal protective equipment during the cleaning process.

By following the procedures outlined above and adhering to the recommendations from leading render manufacturers, you can effectively clean and protect your building's rendered surfaces. This guide aims to empower property owners and cleaning professionals with the knowledge needed to tackle render cleaning challenges head-on, ensuring lasting beauty and durability for your property's exterior.

Render Cleaning Befor and After A Soft Wash

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If you have little knowledge of how to remix a soft wash recipe then this app is for you.
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