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Discover The Power of Sodium Hypochlorite In Cleaning: A Deep Dive into One of The Most Effective Cleaning Agents 🧹🔬

By Mark Cave June 17, 2024

Discover The Power of Sodium Hypochlorite In Cleaning: A Deep Dive into One of The Most Effective Cleaning Agents 🧹🔬

tradesman are standing outside, admiring the pristine exterior

Hello dear reader! 👋 Today, we're about to go on a thrilling journey into the world of Sodium hypochlorite. You might be asking yourself, 🤔 "What's so special about this particular compound?" Well, buckle up, because we're about to find out! 🚀

Understanding Sodium Hypochlorite: What Is This Mystery Chemical? 🔍🔬

On the surface, Sodium hypochlorite may sound like a complicated term. In reality, it's an effective and affordable cleaning agent you might already be using! 🧹 Right here, we unpack the mystery behind this potent cleaning marvel in our What is Sodium Hypochlorite? Podcast episode.

How Does Sodium Hypochlorite Clean? 🧼👩‍🔧

Once we get down to science, things undoubtedly start to get exciting! 💡 But don't worry, we're going to make this as simple as possible. Sodium Hypochlorite effectively breaks down the structure of microorganisms (like bacteria and viruses) on the surfaces it's applied to, effectively "cleaning" the area. 🧽 You can learn how to prepare a perfect mix in our Sodium Hypochlorite Mixing Guide.

Can Sodium Hypochlorite Be Used On Different Surfaces? 🕹️🌈

The big question that lingers in anyone's mind is probably: "Will this powerful cleaner damage my precious surfaces?" You can definitely use Sodium Hypochlorite to clean a variety of surfaces without any harm. It works wonders on concrete and tile, and yes, even wood! 🌳 We discuss this more in a fantastic Podcast episode, Can you use sodium hypochlorite to clean wood?.

Understanding Precautions: Is Sodium Hypochlorite Dangerous? ⚠️🔥

Every good thing has a flip side, and Sodium Hypochlorite is no different. While it's an excellent cleaning agent, it shouldn't be handled without care. We've put together a helpful Self Study At Home To Handle Dangerous Softwash Chemicals that will guide you through safely using this chemical.

One Step Further: Soft Washing With Sodium Hypochlorite 💦🦠

As a cleaning pro, you're probably familiar with the term Soft Washing. But did you know that Sodium Hypochlorite is paramount in the process? It's a less abrasive, yet highly efficient way to clean exterior surfaces. Learn more in our What Is Soft Washing? guide.

Conclusively, Sodium Hypochlorite Rocks! 🎸🎆

From cleaning household surfaces to being extensively used in pressure washing, Sodium Hypochlorite has truly proven to be a game-changer in the cleaning industry. If you're eager to explore more about what Soft Washing entails, head over to Soft Wash Training Course and amplify your cleaning prowess!

Got a question or a suggestion for the next blog post? We're all ears! Drop a comment below. 👇Until then, happy cleaning!

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Whether you're seeking safe and efficient cleaning chemicals, equipment or some savvy advice on how to tackle tough cleaning jobs, SoftWash UK is your one-stop destination. Visit SoftWash UK Ltd today and get your hands on the best cleaning solutions and equipment on the market!

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Softwashing calculator is an indispensable tool for juggling complicated chemical mixes. It helps reduce wastage and keeps operating costs down by giving accurate proportions

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The Soft Wash Calculator App allows you to work out your soft wash recipe by telling you exactly how much chemical, how much water and how much surfactant to add to get the desired soft wash recipe.
It doesn't stop there!.
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- instantly responds to changes of complex combinations
- works in both Litres and US Gallons
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Take this scenario
You started with a 1% soft wash recipe of 50 gal (or litres)  for a deck clean and you’re left with 13 gallons.

You get a call from a prospective customer to clean their roof. Past experience tells you a 4% soft wash recipe is needed, but what about your leftover mix at 1%?.

Do you waste time and effort driving back to base to transfer into a standby tank?
You could consider the 13 gal as just water, top up the tank and start again.  
But that’s throwing away the value of the mix and raising your overhead.

Soft Wash Calculator App to the rescue.

You get to the new job and it requires 100 gal / litres.
Switch into remix mode , confirming the 13 gal already in the tank
Move the dials to your new recipe and the app immediately updates the different amounts to add in front of your eyes including the correct amount of extra surfactant.

You now have a 100 gal / litres tank of 4% soft wash recipe ready for your roof clean job!

Not forgetting you’ve saved money too, all without stress and uncertainty . Don’t underestimate what confident calmness has on your customer putting out referrals.

The same applies if you have a 4% recipe left in your tank and you need to dilute it down to 2%. Again the app will tell you how.

Softwashing calculator will also work for any chemical recipe. For instance you can use it for Sodium Hypochlorite, Bleach, Biocide , TFR traffic film remover and degreaser. Even the mathematically-challenged rocket scientist can top up their booster tanks to new fuel mixes after launch delays caused by changing weather conditions.

Using this app you will know exactly what chemical strength to put on any surface giving you the confidence and the knowledge of a professional soft washer and you’ll save money as well.

So if you have little knowledge of how to mix a soft wash recipe then this app is for you.
If you have little knowledge of how to remix a soft wash recipe then this app is for you.
If you want to save money when mixing a soft wash recipe then this app is for you.

This app is also backward compatible to devices running iOS7. We've done this so you can re-purpose an old iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 5  for what could be hazardous work environments. Just toss one in your cleaning van's toolkit.

Once you learn the methods and procedures of how to apply the soft wash to the different surfaces that need cleaning you’ll be unstoppable!

The app also has  a guide to what percentage for what surface. And if you are the lucky owner of a Clever Injector it will remind you the correct setting for the job.
However you should always consider and risk assess what soft wash recipe you need to clean the surface.

** A major iOS code-base change may require a re-purchase. The appiverse at the time will confirm our promise that we won't do so unless the necessity is apparent.



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