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Soft Washing Clever Injector

Soft Washing Clever Injector


Clever Injector

Clever Injector is the clever way to mix your softwash recipe, as it does all the mixing for you!

Clever Injector will mix your Sodium Hypochlorite & Clever Wash surfactant together into the water supply to give you your soft wash mix. No working out how to mix your recipe, just set it going and let it do all the mixing for you. No leftover soft wash to deal with. No tanks of water or Sodium Hypochlorite to transport around with you. All you need is your 20L drum of Sodium Hypochlorite and 5L of Clever Wash. Start by connecting your pump to the water supply to boost the water flow. Then connect your Clever Injector to the hose from your pump. Know all that's left to do is adjust the Clever Injector to the required Soft Wash recipe & start Soft Washing. It’s that simple!

5% to 25% dose rate

Sodium Hypochlorite drum 14% -15% concentrate

Softwash recipe 4% (3.75%)  Set the Clever Injector setting to 25%

Used for rough tiled roofs and concrete, block driveways.

Softwash recipe 3% Set the Clever Injector setting to 20%

glazed tile roofs, block paving, render, brick & pool decks

Softwash recipe 2% (2.1%) Set the Clever Injector setting to 14%

heavily stained UPVC, industrial units,fencing panels, decks, tarmac, render, painted surfaces.

Softwash recipe 1% (1.05%) Set the Clever Injector setting to 7%

painted surfaces, delicate surfaces, fence panels, gutters & soffits, all other lightly stained surfaces.


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