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Clever Seal PS Pro Acrylic Patio Sealer

Clever Seal PS Pro Acrylic Patio Sealer


Clever Seal PS Pro Acrylic Patio Sealer

  • 1 Coat

  • Premium Grade

  • Matt/Silk Finish

  • Maintains Grout

  • Inhibits Weeds/Moss Enhances Look

  • Prevents Black Spots

  • Oil Stain Resistant


With our sister company Mr Clever Clean we have been sealing for many years and during this time we have tried most sealers.

That’s when we started to see if we can improve on the products that are available on the market and with the help of a manufacture we had a bespoke unique recipe of sealer manufactured for us.

We have kept this secret over the years and now its time to launch this product to the UK market.

From a contractor point of view we wanted something that was easy to apply and was so reliable that we knew our customers would not be knocking on our door saying the sand has burst out from the joints and the weeds has started to come through etc. We needed something that was reliable so we could build on our happy customers at Mr Clever Clean. 

Well we have that and we are ready to share with you.

You won’t be disappointed and of course it comes with our amazing customer support as well.

Don’t forget the more you buy the the bigger the saving and also check out our discount codes for even more savings for you.

Prices exclude vat and shipping

Size  Price
1 only 25 litres £78.76 each
2 to 5 25 litres £75.19 each
6 to 10 25 litres £72.62 each
11 plus 25 litres £69.53 each
Ready to use for sealing porous cement/concrete made patio slabs
(Do not use on glazed, polished or black lime stone surfaces)
Shake well before use and check colour of contents to insure the sealer has not
become contaminated.

Clear, enhances colour, restores colour (damp look)

1 coat application Matt/Silk
2 coat application Sheen

4 m2 per litre or 80m2 per 25L drum (approx) More if surface has been previously sealed before

Dry to walk on usually within 2hr - During normal temps. Lower temps will extend
drying time. Re-coat when dry enough to walk on (1-2hr) i.e no-longer tacky.

PREPARATION Always complete a test area first in an inconspicuous area.
Apply above 5°C. Do not apply to wet/damp surfaces
if rain is imminent or damp atmosphere. If efflorescence is present
(White staining on slabs from new) do not use.

Apply as soon as possible after installation. Ensure surface is clean
(power washed), allow to fully dry. Sealing prior to pointing is
Best , however if already pointed, ensure pointing is fully cured.
Fully clean off surfaces with power wash, apply premium weed and moss inhibitor.
Allow to dry thoroughly.

Apply by course droplet low level solvent resistant sealer sprayer, brush, broom or roller.
Brush out excess pooling and avoid over coating.

For cleaning equipment use Clever Seal RE-FIX & Clean. (Not White Spirit)

Flammable. Keep away from sources of ignition High VOC
Do not breathe vapour or spray.
Do not eat, drink, or smoke when using.
Ensure good ventilation during application.
In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and
seek medical advice. Remove splashes from the skin with a recognized hand cleaner
Keep out of reach of children
Do not use near fishponds as it is toxic to aquatic organisms
May cause long term adverse effects in the aquatic environments

The specification and coverage rates are given in good faith and are based on our
experience and knowledge but without liability.
SoftWash UK has no direct control over the methods employed by the user in applying its products.
Any warranty either written or implied is given in good faith and can only cover the material itself.
Always consider the surface is suitable for this product
and always wear the correct personal protective equipment
Clever Seal PS Pro Acrylic Patio Sealer is the number one soft wash product. You have found what you’re looking for so order today. And don’t forget at this price £86.64 you’re saving as well.
Inventory Last Updated: Nov 29, 2020


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Based on 1 review Write a review

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