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Study At Home PA1 City & Guilds Level 2 Principles of Safe Handling And Application Of Pesticides

Study At Home PA1 City & Guilds Level 2 Principles of Safe Handling And Application Of Pesticides

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At The End Of This Study At Home Training Session And With Some Individual Practice, The Learner Will Be Able To Show Sufficient Competence And Be Formally Assessed To Gain A Certificate Of Competence Under City & Guilds / NPTC Standards PA1

Okay guys. You may be wondering why we are promoting a pesticides PA1 city and guilds level 2 self learning training course.

To be straight to the point it’s the closest thing that’s currently available to meet anywhere near the requirements to be handling chemicals like biocides and sodium hypochlorite et cetera.

To give you a little history the horticultural and agricultural industries have been using the PA1 certificating for City & Guilds to meet the requirements from the government to make sure that all operators of spraying equipment using pesticides, insecticides and herbicides are competent in handling these potentially dangerous chemicals.

So at this stage rather than reinvent the wheel as there is nothing currently available for softwashing that meets this HIGH criteria the closest thing and in fact highest levels regards to handling chemicals is the PA1 certificate and this will make sure that you are overqualified to handle softwashing chemicals above and beyond the current non certification of handling SoftWash chemicals.

The added benefit of doing this you will also be able to handle chemicals in the control of weeds et cetera which will be an excellent additional add-on to your current softwashing business.

So what are you waiting for Purchases this study at home course so on completion you will be competent enough to then register to be assessed by city and guilds to then qualify to be able to handle the application of pesticides by default for softwashing chemicals.

After completing the training course notes which will enabled you to self learn the subject of level 2 principles of safe handling and application of pesticide guidance also known as PA1.

You will then be ready to be assessed by City &  Guilds and NPTC to gain the a successful certificate of competence.

To do this you will then need to register with NPTC and city and guilds for a small fee and pre-arranged a date and time to be formally assessed via a global online assessment on a laptop like a theory driving test. Answering multiple choice questions that you have learnt from this this study at home training session

Your local agricultural or horticultural college will be able to help you with the assessment.

Click Here To Find Your Assessment Centre

To register with NPTC / City & Guilds, you will need your National Insurance Number and a couple of passport photos.  Registration will cost approx £46.00 and assessment for PA1 approx £65.00 in addition to the registration fee.

Study At Home PA1 City & Guilds Level 2 Principles of Safe Handling And Application Of Pesticides was made specifically for the Softwashing industry. With this in mind it will look after you day after day and make your jobs easier and more profitable. And prices like this £41.67 you can’t afford not to order today.

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Based on 1 review Write a review

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