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Softwash SDS Sheets

Softwash SDS Sheets



 Softwash SDS Sheets Category 2

Non Corrosive 1% 2% 3% 4% 5%


Now you may or may not know that it’s really important to have the right information to hand whilst cleaning using sodium hypochlorite in case there is an accident but also if a health and safety inspector ask to see the evidence of what chemicals you are using.
Also for a lot of cleaning contracts you will be asked for information on the chemicals that you’re going to be using for cleaning and there’s nothing more embarrassing than not knowing what information you need to provide.

The good thing is here we have something slightly different to what the majority of manufacture supply.

For instance if you order clever wash from us then on the product page for clever wash you can down load the SDS sheet for clever wash free of charge. 

BUT We’ve gone one step further!

On this page you can purchase the SDS sheets based on the actual recipe that you will be applying to that surface for cleaning. The advantage of this is that you can provide these to your clients and it clearly shows that it is classed as category 2 noncorrosive. With the standard clever wash sheet in its full concentration and classed as corrosive.

So it’s good practice to purchase the sheets from us today download print them off and laminate them to keep with you at all times during your softwashing day. If you are stopped and asked what are you using you can prove straight away that it is perfectly safe chemical given the right methods and procedures that you have put in place. 

Don’t run the risk, get on the side right side of health and safety law by download today.

Softwash SDS Sheets Category 2 Non Corrosive


To unzip the files once you have downloaded your order you may need this free program.

Get it here  

Softwash SDS Sheets is the number one soft wash product. You have found what you’re looking for so order today. And don’t forget at this price £5.96 you’re saving as well.
Inventory Last Updated: Oct 25, 2020

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