I must be mad to open up to the keyboard warrior trolls!

Mar 09 , 2020


Mark Cave

I must be mad to open up to the keyboard warrior trolls!

Hi everybody.
Thank you so much for dropping by.
So many of you guys have asked us to set up a forum within our website so that’s what we’ve done.
here is the link
Ever since the introduction of social media this has been a real positive impact on businesses what ever form of business that you are in.
However with all the good that it brings it can bring a lot of negativity and worry to you.
I stepped back from a lot of Facebook groups that I was originally a member of in the early days of my business. The reason why I did was truly because of all the negative comments and quite frankly disgusting behaviour regard to peoples trolling and negativity.
I came to the conclusion quite frankly by imagining  if there had not been Facebook and it took me to a place of comfort and less worry.
So therefore now I just post on my Facebook pages and LinkedIn and anywhere else of importance mainly for my SEO reasons only.
However when I had my FB group it was great to be able to give people support and point them in the right direction and of course that did benefit my business as well.
I originally did try to set up a forum with quite a lot of expense but as you know there are quite a few good cleaning industry forums out there so I ended up closing it down.
Now I don’t expect a forum for SoftWash UK to become anywhere near a competitive one against some of the major forums on the Internet. However I do feel it’s important to give my customers a platform within the website where they can feedback share ideas and generally hang about in a positive manner.

So there you go it’s there should you wish to use it.
But unfortunately now here comes the negative bit.
My time is limited as I work very long hours supporting my customers and also running two companies. I simply don’t have the time to warn people and put up with trolls and keyboard warriors within the forum.
So make no mistake you will not get a warning should you post any appropriate material you will receive an immediate ban and there will be no negotiation reinstating of your account. I have been down that road, bought the ticket and quite simply it’s a waste of time trying to accommodate such people.
“If a pig asks you to fight, you will get covered in shit and they will love it”
So if you’re a genuine cleaning contractor looking for support and a friendly place to share your interests ideas and questions don’t hesitate to post on our form.

You will not be trolled or have negative words or bullshit comments after your post because it simply won’t be tolerated.
I know this sounds somewhat aggressive but verbal discipline works and if it said from the beginning then We should have no issues going forward with your forum.
So if you have experienced any trolls or keyboard warriors in your social networking life regarding your industry comment below and share your thoughts. And of course head over to the forum and make your first post and introduce yourself.
I don’t expect millions of new users overnight but it’s there should you use it and that’s got to be a positive thing.

So thanks for dropping by and I look forward to seeing your posts.
All the best. Mark Cave

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