How to kill Coronavirus Covid19 using Domestos or Clorox bleach.

Mar 15 , 2020


Mark Cave

How to kill Coronavirus Covid19 using Domestos or Clorox bleach.

How to kill #coronavirus #Covid19 using #Domestos or #Clorox bleach. 

That’s the question that everybody is asking well believe it or not you can help by doing the following to keep your family safe and to do your bit.

Below is a short video showing you how to use the SoftWash Calculator app to make your own coronavirus sanitation spray bottle.

When you stop and think of how many surfaces you touch and the potential that this can lead to cross contamination to help in the coronavirus spreading throughout the UK it really does make you stop and think.

Let’s take this typical example.

You are you going to go to the local petrol station to fill up with petrol or diesel. What do you do. You pull up get out of your car and the first thing is grab hold of petrol pump handle. Guess what everybody else Who has filled up from the same petrol pump has done. Once you filled up your vehicle you put back the petrol pump and you touch the petrol cap and screw it back on. You then walk over to the till to pay for the fuel. You touch the door handle on the way in. Then you grab hold of your wallet and your debit card. Chances are as well you’ve grabbed hold of your keys so nobody runs off for your vehicle. You then touch the keypad on the payment terminal. You then touch the door handle again to get out of the petrol station and then touch your door handle of your carr. You then touch your steering wheel and gear knob.

The list goes on and on. 

At this point you could use hand sanitiser but remember everything you’ve touched in the vehicle could still be contaminated.

That’s why it’s really important to sanitise these items to help contain the coronavirus.

So check out the video below to make your own sanitiser for surfaces out of bleach.


to order your sodium hypochlorite visit the link below or contact us for more information.

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